Request for Quotation Notice

No # Procurement Ref Number Subject of Procurement
1 JINJ511/WRKS/2022-2023/00042 Construction of Piped Water Supply System ( Borehole) in Buyengo TCC, in Iziru-Busede to Lwifamakali in Buyengo TC

Dear All Supplier

ABRIDGED BID NOTICE UNDER OPEN NATIONAL BIDDING JINJA DISTRICT LOCAL GOVERNMENT P.O. BOX 1551 JINJA BID NOTICE The Jinja district local government has allocated funds to be used for the The Procuring and Disposing Entity indicated above invites your bid for the Works described above.The District Local Government sealed bids from eligible bidders for: No. Proc Ref Number Subject Matter of Procurement Bid Security 1. JINJ511/WRKS/2022-2023/00042 CONSTRUCTION OF PIPED WATER SUPPLY SYSTEM IN KASOZI AND BUSEGULA RURAL GROWTH CENTRES IN BUSEDE SUBCOUNTY AND BUYENGO TC 20,000,000 1. This procurement is not subject to the reservation scheme in accordance with the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Act 2003 and not applicable Regulations. 2. The Bidding document(s) shall be inspected and issued at Jinja District Local Government 3. The deadline for bid submission shall be at 12.00am on 7th December, 2022. 4. The detailed bid notice is available at the egp web site or Entity’s website at www.egpuganda 5. You can obtain further information from the procurement and Disposal Unit of Jinja District Local Government. The bid document in English shall be obtained on following instructions for using e-GP can be found at 6. Bid deadline a shall be at or before at 12.00am on 7th December, 2022. Bids will be opened online Bidders and their representatives who wish may attend the bid opening at 14:00HRS on the same day in the Procurement and Disposal Unit Office. The Planned Procurement schedule (Subject to changes) is as follows: Activity Date a. Issue of bid notice 18th –November, 2022 c. bid deadline date and time 7th December ,2022 at 12:00 c. bid opening date and time 7th December ,2022 at 14:00 d. Evaluation process 12th December,-2022 e. Display and communication of best evaluated bidder notice 23TH December , 2022 f. Contract award and Signature AFTER EXPIRELY OF DSIPLAY PERIOD th October , 2022 CHIEF ADMINITRATIVE OFFICER JINJA DISTRICT LOCAL GOVERNMENT